2015 Funding Needs

Ministry Need

2014 Budget Need

Renovate an old church into a ministry centre with winterized sleeping facilities for 20 people. Includes a main room for 60 people. This facility is in Balcarres Saskatchewan in the midst of 16 reserves. As of July 2014 this is 3/4 finishedWork has already started with

  • Electrical replaced (fall 2013)
  • the kitchen completed (Nov. 2013)
  • furnace replaced (December 2013)
  • Bedroom Built (April 2014)
  • Painting completed (May 2014)
  • Water system
  • New windows and doors
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Soccer / rugby pitch
  • Signage
  • Tree planting
  • BBQ pit
  • Outdoor picnic tables
  • Front closed in porch
  1. Donations from the nearby reserves, band council and local churches include gravel for foundations, use of backhoe and operators, and skilled labour.
  2. All labour will be done by volunteers
  3. We are looking for volunteer assistance. Contact Lima re service opportunities at (306) 331-4321


Materials for simple house renovations and fix-ups for single parents living in run down facilities on the reserves. It starts with mowing lawns, through repairing steps and decks, repairing doors, and fixing broken windows, or whatever else is needed.We are looking for volunteer assistance. Work will start in April.


Missionary support – Island Breeze staff get no salaries. They are finacially supported by the good will of friends, churches and associates. Island Breeze believes that evangelism starts with building friends and relationships. With over 50% of all of Canada’s indigenous people under age 25, that means starting with youth.
This requires financial support for the Pacific Islanders who come to Canada as Missionary workers. Often friendship starts with activities – games, sports, teaching activities, crafts and just plain fun.
Team members serve alongside local indigenous churches and Pastors in worship, leading Bible studies and training.
Counselling opportunities primarily with women and youth.
We are looking for volunteer assistance to serve alongside us.


Island Breeze operations

  1. Vehicles and transportation – high mileage and wear and tear is expensive. The major need is the replacement of their high mileage 15 seater van. They take out the back seat to allow for luggage inside the vehicle. Need to have by April 2015 – total need for this item is $24,000 for a lightly used van
  2. Communications – telephone and internet
  3. Food and accommodations