The buffalo are coming

Peepeekisis Buffalo1Recently, Island Breeze has been given a wonderful gift of 22 buffalo! Comprised of two bulls and up to 20 pregnant cows, this is the foundation of multiple sustainable herds. These buffalo have been entrusted to Island Breeze as a gift from friends of Island Breeze, who are committed to see Canada’s First Nations People flourish and regain cultural identity.

Discussions are being finalized with the people of the Peepeekisis First Nation to place the herd on their land under a covenantal agreement. With the Creator’s blessing, many calves will be born annually. From these, it is planned to give the people of Peepeekisis First Nation their own sustainable herd of a minimum of 22 buffalo to live on Peepeekisis land that will continue to grow for generations to come.

This covenant has three main goals:

  1. To develop a herd of over 50 buffalo within 3 to 5 years on Peepeekisis land.
  2. To split the herd once it reaches 50 buffalo, or in January 2020 to create two herds of buffalo.
    1. Island Breeze wants to continue to walk in generosity for years to come among the First Nation’s People of South East Saskatchewan.
    2. It is understood that with the Creator’s blessing, Island Breeze will take a minimum of 22 buffalo from the Peepeeikisis herd to give to another reserve to start a new herd on that reserve on or before 5 years (January 2020).
  3. To allow both parties to harvest or cull a small number of buffalo annually for their meat, hides and ceremonial use, without damaging the long-term viability of the herd.

The buffalo will come from a herd of over 150 buffalo near Carstairs, Alberta.

The ultimate goal of this agreement is to develop multiple sustainable buffalo herds on First Nations land in South Eastern Saskatchewan.

The buffalo will be delivered in December 2014 or January 2015 to allow the cows to wean their present calves born in 2014, and ensure safe delivery of the pregnant cows on the 800 kilometre journey.
Peepeekisis Buffalo2For more information contact Lima at 306-331-4321


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