Partnership starts with relationships

First nations a05Effective partnership in ministry – it starts with relationships

Due to cultural similarities – darker skin, tribal structure, dances and customs, Pacific Islanders have established a welcome presence on reserves with an open door to release ‘healing’ of the nations. Amazingly, when whites are under the leadership of Pacific Islanders, they are accepted too.

These young men and women develop an instant rapport with Canada’s First Nations people that seems to be founded on their brown skin, black hair, tribal culture, ceremonial dance, music, respect for elders, and love for food. Their infectious laughter, fun loving spirit and strong desire to break out of life adversities has given them a unique ability to cross culture and be great mentoring examples for aboriginal youth.

Protocol b2Following the indigenous protocol of first honoring chief and council, sharing cultural dances, and then asking permission, Island Breeze has seen immense success and open doors through honoring relationships. By forming partnerships with local Pastors and community leaders, Island Breeze empowers the people to identify their vision of development for
their own communities, specifically in area of youth issues, inner healing, and culture.

They identify key areas of need that Island Breeze is well positioned to meet. Over and over again, as friendships are developed natives start to open up to and share deep, deep emotional pain from living through tremendous hurt (usually in childhood).friends a14

But it all starts with relationships where Christ’s healing can be seen.

Ultimately Island Breeze’s heart is to see the First Nations people healed from wounds of the past.