Island Breeze

IBSASKFor over 25 years Pacific Islanders have had a consistent presence in Canada among our First Nations peoples.

Island Breeze teams are made of 5 to 16 people. Over the years, over 170 Samoans and another 50 Pacific Islanders, have served alongside Aboriginals, Caucasians and international missionaries in Canada.

Island Breeze Saskatchewan is all about relationships. We serve alongside indigenous First Nations leaders with their permission and support. The reserves where we work have no shortage of programs, but a shortage of authentic, supportive, intentional faith-based relationships.

Following the indigenous protocol of first honoring chief and council, sharing cultural dances, and then asking permission, we have seen immense success and open doors through honoring relationships. By forming partnerships, we empower the people to identify their vision of development for their own communities, specifically in area of youth issues, inner healing, and culture.

Pacific Islanders have had teams operating under several names – Second Wave, Pacific Wave, Island Breeze Alberta and Island Breeze Saskatchewan. Today there are two permanent Island Breeze teams based in western Canada.

Island Breeze Saskatchewan is based in Balcarres Saskatchewan in a strategic location in the midst of 16 reserves in Southern Saskatchewan. We serve reserves across BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Island Breeze Manitoba is based in in southern Manitoba. Based in a Steinbach, Manitoba they reach out to reserves in Manitoba and Northern Ontario.

Often the two Island Breeze teams work together on joint outreaches and in mutual service to one another.