Celebration of Culture & Dance

protocol05Island Breeze is committed to the journey of cultural restoration and understanding as we walk and learn together with people groups of the world.

Island Breeze is often asked to perform at Pow-wows, churches, native celebrations, and as Christian outreach. With a full band and both male/female dancers, Island Breeze portrays Gospel truths through the medium of the Pacific Island cultures.

Island Breeze is sometimes characterized by being a dance team. But dance is only a small portion of the team’s ministry. Ministry is all about relationship. Dance opens doors. worship a3

The group’s performance is a colorful pageantry of the traditions, dances, music, costumes and history of Polynesia. The focus is to bring dignity and honour to the Polynesian people and share our proud heritage with groups seeking to understand their cultures, dance and the unique expressions of their indigenous people groups.
It is Island Breeze’s ability to maintain the authenticity of these diverse cultural expressions which has drawn and continues to draw thousands of people annually to see them share their culture and faith.

To contact Island Breeze to see if they would share their celebration of culture and dance with you call 1-306-331-4321 or email info@islandbreezesk.comOn the rez b10